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Friends, Photographers & Photography

Andrew Lock - Australia's most accomplished mountaineer, having climbed all the world's 8000 m peaks.

Ian Wallace - Australian Landscape Photographer from Tassie, experimenting with digital infra-red photography.

Loic Le Guilly - Another Tasmanian-based photographer, specialising in VR panoramas and beautiful close-ups of flowers.

Murray Fredericks - Sydney-based architectural and industrial photographer, who also has some fantastic landscape images from around the world, as well as Tasmania. His Lake Eyre horizons are spectacular.

Alastair McNoughton - B&W photography from around the world. His Australian desert images are my favourites, especially the kids.

Darren Jew - Exceptional nature and wildlife photography. Love the leaping Gentoo penguins!

Pfannmueller - a German professional with some great personal projects outside of the stuff that pays the bills: check out his Portable Projects: "Bhutan" & "In Search of Dignity".

File magazine - A collection of unexpected photography. Quirky personal projects.

Alex Terauds - winner of the ANZANG award 2007

George Fetting - Great portraits. Winner of the Olive Cotton Award for portraiture 2007.

Yann Arthus-Bertrand - Amazing aerial phtographer. I want to be like him when I grow up!

Digital Photography Resources

Digital Photography Review - comprehensive camera reviews

The Luminous Landscape - great tutorials and tips plus reviews

Photoshop News

Adobe digital photography white papers

Antarctic Tour Companies

Quark Expeditions

Adventure Associates

Fine Art Links

Rebecca Coote - Glass and steel sculpture and installation

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