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Sleeping Seal, Heard Island

Heard Island Photographs - from the 2003-04 Australian expedition to this outstanding World Heritage area in the southern Indian Ocean.

Glacier tongue, Qantas Antarctic Overflight

Explore the Ross Sea and Admiralty Range from 18,000 feet. Mount Minto, Mount Overlord, Coulman Island, the Drygalski Ice Tongue. Photographs from a Qantas Antarctic Overflight.

Franklin River, Tasmania

Franklin River Photographs - a beautiful and truly amazing wild Tasmanian river. Many images displayed here are available as prints.

Lake St Clair - A selection of photographs from my two month residency. Lake St Clair is Australia's deepest fresh water lake, and is located at the end of Tasmania's famous "Overland Track". This web exhibition contains portraits of the people I met during my stay there, as well as photographs of the surrounding landscape....

People of Lake St Clair

Cambodia & Laos - Somewhere different for me photographically! Warm to hot, occasionally very wet, great food, cheap beer, and visually rich in subject material. This "visual diary" takes you from Phnom Phen's busy streets to the temples of Angkor Wat, and on to northern Laos and the Mekong River.

Laos | Vang Vien

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